Design Ideas
  • COLOURS - A neutral light palette will make a small space feel larger as it reflects the light whereas dark colours absorb more light making the room feel smaller. 
  • Reflective surfaces such as metallic paint finishes, mirrors and glass bounces light around the room instead of absorbing it, giving the illusion of a larger space.
  • When choosing exterior colours remember it will appear lighter than the small paint sample as it will be exposed to large amounts UV light.
  • FURNITURE - The average persons eye level is 1.5mtrs. from the floor, so in a small space where the ceiling is low the space will benefit from low furniture with just a few key pieces.
  • Larger spaces benefit from a combination of furniture heights and sizes to layer the space visually.
  • If you are putting in an entertainment unit, consider wiring prior to installment and the inclusion of drawers for DVDs/CDs and perhaps even LPs
  • A slide-out keyboard shelf is a great space saver as you can slide it away under the desk top leaving a clear space to work. 
  • RUGS - When selecting the right size rug for your room, subtract 900mm from the length and width of your room. This will make the room appear larger.
  • When laying a rug under your dining table, leave at least 600mm of rug from the edge of the table out on all sides. This enables backs of legs of the chair to stay on the rug, even when pulled out to let someone sit down.
  • Runners should be 100mm narrower than your hallway and 450 - 600mm shorter.

  • WARDROBES - If you want to accommodate shoes in your wardrobe, a good idea is to provide slide-out shelves 600mm deep so that shoes can be stored two-deep.
  • The inclusion of a full-length pull-out mirror is a good idea in a wardrobe if you do not have enough wall space to accommodate a standard dress mirror.

  • KITCHENS - When positioning range hoods above a gas hob, make sure that the measurement from the bench top to the underside of the hood is atleast 750mm. This is an industry standard requirement.
  • The maximum height for a microwave should be 75mm below shoulder height not above a fridge.


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